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StarBaseWallet $SBW is the native token of the App-Dapp.

Through our interactive SBW learning platform, traders and collectors can learn to make money with SBW. You receive expert resources, get updates about the latest trends, project insights, and reviews, what's in and what's out, collaborations and auctions organization tips and tricks, and much more.

  • - AI Grid & Smart Balance Trading Bots

  • - Interactive global SBW learning platform

  • - Organizing exclusive collaborations and live auctions

  • - Lowest subscription fees to become a member of the world's largest SBW community

  • -In-depth project reviews to help you understand the mechanism behind SBW


StarBaseWallet $SBW is the native token of the App-Dapp

Our Mobile Application

Buy and sell $SBW on our mobile application!

STAKING. The protocol rewards stakers with $SBW and boasts no deposit fees.!

StarBaseWallet Vault utilizes innovative and versatile strategies to auto-compounds rewards and maximizes profits!

Track your SBW Rewards and earnings with our dashboard!


Presale Start

5 Nov, 2021

Token Symbol


Presale End

Jan 16, 2022


StarBaseWallet is developing a platform where users can Swap Tokens across Multi-chain Network with 0 fee


You can purchase SBW presale or claim our airdrop here!

30 Days
0 Hours
00 Min
00 Sec

How to claim or buy SBW?

1. Open our website in TrustWallet or MetaMask DAPP Browser.
2. Enter the amount you'd like to purchase and confirm transaction or just claim airdrop for free.
3. Join our Telegram Announcements Page for future updates and events!

Presales Price: 0,01BNB = 5,000 $SBW
BuyMin: 0,01BNB - BuyMax: 10BNB



Below we've provided the frequently asked question on StarBaseWallet. If you have any other questions, do get in touch with us!

What is StarBaseWallet Token?

StarBaseWallet Token is a utility token built on the Binance Smartchain network. We are the first token on the Binance Smartchain to offer a Multi swap across various network on the blockchain

You will need to own a cryptocurrency wallet such as TrustWallet or MetaMask. From there, you can purchase BNB which is needed to buy StarBaseWallet.

Only a portion of the total StarBaseWallet supply is offered during our presales. You can take this opportunity to purchase SBW Token at a low price as the presale price will be roughly 4x lower than the listing price. Any unsold tokens after presale will be burned.

What is ICO Crypto?

What is ICO Crypto?

What is ICO Crypto?